Sunday, January 24, 2010

awwww,so sweet

Wink Wink
sooooo gorgeous

what a taste! yummy

cookies and cream,my fav!
Had the oppurtunity to weakness the launching of this really cute and delicious boutique at Shah Alam,was really impressed with its selections of dresses and accesoriess . I even bought a vintage handbag! cool yaww!
*How i wish i'll get to open my own cafe one day.

Monday, January 18, 2010


ain and me
shit,sumpah takot! takot nak mampos! regret,tak nak tengok dah movie macam ni after this! lagi-lagi pi tengok nagn ain,ina & shaa..memekak satu panggung! kahkahkah, cek plak cepat tekejot,too alert biler tengok horror movie! orang lalau pown bleyh shock,tepahape ntah! mmg senang la kena heart attack biler tua nanti,bahahhahahaha! so,dah promise nak tengok movie every 2 times a month enn enn enn?! best la cek dapat popcorn free lagi! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. =p

Saturday, January 16, 2010

girls just wanna have fun

ikha,pnut and azyan <3

azyan aka donkey & me
izatie aka chipmunk and me
at last,we met after long time tak jumpe! GOSH i miss them so much! we went to pavillion,lunch at Madam kuan and watched all dogs! ahaaaa gelak tak ingat dunia?semestinya!
Gossip? wajib,LOL! FYI,i feel upset when i'm with them..i'm the shortest and hey,stop calling me 12 years old kid bitches! i've grown up,don't you guys realize that? silly! HAHA,next plan kite ke malacaa okay? yeay! ^__^

Monday, January 11, 2010

It's me

You take the moon and you take the sun,
You take everything that seems like fun,
You stir it all up and when you're done,
You share a big piece with everyone,
So come on in,feel free to do some lookin,
Stay a while cause something always cookin,
Come on in,feel free to do some lookin,
Stay a while cause something always cookin,yeahh!
*He call me chowder everytime we're on the phone and he'll sing chowder theme song too!
I miss those moment! sing a long yawwww! <3

Friday, January 8, 2010


Well final exam is hell!! for me final exam has really making me go crazy and crazier! how i wish final exam goes by smoothly without any exam! see,that's why i told you i'm crazy,lol! i'm a bit upset with my marketing paper,gosh! hate it so much! it's so susahhhhhhhhh but it has been done,no matter what i have to accept the result,dear GOD please help me and mama get ready with your RM,you may need to spent more or i'll just hang on.

by the way who knows the lucky star is on my side..i might go through without hicups,that is my doa