Monday, April 19, 2010

over sgt

marah orang lain,orang lain yang over! mcm la aku marah dia?! org yg aku marah pown tak over mcm kau la aminah! well, im sincerely sorry to you ain.i'm out of control at that time and i tawu i tak patot post kat wall you and marah marah mcm bad and im sorry's hard for you to forgive me,i know that but atleast reply la msg i AND kau plak minah,assignment supervisory tu pown aku yg bnyak buat (nak bekire sgt enn?) but presentation ntok esok satu ape pown aku tak taw part mane yg patot aku bace! stakat good in math,assignment kire2 je kau bleyh la buat! cube kalau interview,translation,ape nak ckp time present and all,kau reti ker? hampeh,alamatnye terabor la time present nnti! ingat eh,ASSIGNMENT tu buat same same means present nnti pown same same phm? tak payah nak selfish sgt la!

Friday, April 9, 2010


"i bought you this hp bcoz you always be with me" that's what my mum told me.THANK YOU SO MUCH MUM,I LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

will my dream come true?

I wannabe just like them!


weehooooo! i just finished my midterm exam,french paper pagi tadi kinda difficult! tapi silap besar laaa pi buat dalam class..tak tiru memang rugi besaq sgt sgt! ahaaaaa. after exam i went to midvalley.fuhhhh,at last! "how to train your dragon" best best best! well baby,you're my hiccup and im your dragon,weeeeeeee! :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

white flag

We've been friends forever! when one guy comes in and you forget all about me.well that should be a sin.your boyfriend or your best friend? i THOUGHT i would win.. :(