Saturday, January 14, 2012


I wish you all the best, a long life full of happiness and peace. I hope that you can achieve your dreams.
You are the best mom in the world; I am so blessed to have a wonderful, caring, supportive, successful, friendly and affectionate mother like you.You always encourage me to achieve my dreams, you make me feel so special, and you are always there for help and advice. You are my inspiring close friend, I always pray for you.Without you, I wouldn't be able to continue studying, I won't forget the concern and fear you felt about me, I will not forget that ever. I wouldn't succeed without your help. Your sacrifices make you a special mother! I wish I can be a mother like you one day.May your birthday bring your way many precious moments , that you'll cherish as loving memories always,wish you a happy birthday .

Love : Adik :')

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Assalamualaikum,hehe! 1st of all saya ingin mengucapkan..errrrkkk? what la weii? i'm exhausted but in a same time i can't stop smiling sebab sebabbbbbbbb i just got back from college to collect my result dari mula mula masok college dulu smpai la practical,YE AGAK LAMBAT sebab nervouse giler nak tgok result! Alhamdulillah semua lulus plus i'll be graduate on march or april! wehooooooooooooo it's a long way to go sbenanye,paling busuk pown habis degree time umur i 24! okay la tu,just nice! lucky me sebab habis je diploma,i got the time to rest and now i'm all ready to further my study! weeeeeeeeeeeeee,new cloth? stationary? awhhhhhh i miss my study life actually.mudah mudahan Allah permudahkan everything.Diploma pown dah cukup bangga for my family apentah lagi degree enn? i'm the only child la yg grad memandangkan my sisters teros kerja after spm and and this is what my dad nak sgt from me,Hopefully papa sempat la tgok finaz smpai dapat degree yeah? heeeee :)