Friday, April 29, 2011

i've been punk'd

look at the manager's hand! telor dah prepair awal2! x senonoh!
nothing else i can do,just screaaaaaaaaaaam!
my hair full of stinky shit ingredients! damn sticky and my eyes hurt!
terpakse la mandi kat hot kitchen,thanx papa shafiq :p

hey hey ho! i just got back from work and today is my last day of practical! seriously i feel happy in a same time i feel so sad specially mase nak blk tadi and hell yeah,i kena terok giler with em! at 10 pm i dah start kemas2 memandangkan 1st time i dapat masok kerja at 2pm until 11pm iaitu time closing *nmpak sgt dah depa nak daje aku then kemas punya kemas,pose punya pose ade something hard kena my forehead*sumpah sakit! diorang dah prepared telor plus serbuk kopi plus tabasco for me! they said i'm the 1st girl yg kena terok! omg,i miss them already..
*i will never forget this moment for the rest of my life :')

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's true


1) makes you smile when you're down
2) Hold your hands in perfect time
3) be funny but knows when to be serious
4) reacts so cutely when you hit him though it actually hurts
5) stares at you when he thinks u don't notice
6) get a little jealous sometimes but know he's the one u love
7) wait for an hour just to spend a minute with you
8) understands all your problems and gives u the best solution

Friday, April 22, 2011

Stay Fit

hollaaaaa, just got back from work out,my 1st day at the gym! it's great and i really had fun especially during the Bhangra Jam session.will spent the whole week at the gym after finished my practical! btw,still counting yaww *6 MORE DAYS TO GO :p
and and thanks to papa aka my personal instructor,ILY <3

Friday, April 15, 2011

Happiness in me

meet,kakak Ratna :)
glad that you like the cake kakak <3
tadaaaaa! so delicious :)
me with excited face,durhhh?
psycho friends,ooops :p
cute :D
Me and my lunch partner,dewi :)
Bakery chefs and beside kakak ratna is MAX?! (I HATE HIM!)

BUSY counting those days till the end of this month,can't wait? but in a same time it's hard for me to say good bye.Three month kat sini rase macam dah lame,we're like family and seriously i'm happy with my job and my friends at The Loaf.Today we had a surprise birthday cake for our manager miss Ratna,*she looks petite but she's very very strict and cuteeeee.HAPPY BIRTHDAY again! we're glad you like the cake specially the sparkling candles.heeehee! harini je dah macam ade kenduri,so happening! so let me introduce you guys to my friends aka my second family at The Loaf <3

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


hurmmm,not in a good mood *i guess.when it comes about you,i can't express it here because i don't want other people know about how bad or should i say how cruel you are.the way you treat me and you don't even care bout me as much as i care bout me,you'll never know what you have until you lose it, and once you lose it, you can never get it back! so it's time for me to move on and..

Sunday, April 10, 2011


yesterday? is my OFF DAY peeps, i mean my happiest day ever! i wanted to meet my best friend since secondary school who STILL keep in touch with me even we're getting much much closer! well she studying at Klantan,so blk sini pown skejap2 jer then i planned to bring her for lunch at Marmalade and we had some yummmy cake called Oreo Cheese cake with hot chocolate sauce,oh heaven!


Lately nie all i think about is to get MARRY? wth? actually it's true laaa,this is not because i gatal or what but everyone pown pikir pasal future? i'm a bit different la kot? my dad punya family side tak brape suka his children bertunang even bersanding because adat katanye,bukannye wajib! he said after nikah stakat nak buat small celebration should be okay so i excited pown pasal my wedding drees nnti,the theme of the day? ring on my finger? cake brape tingkat? but too bad,future husband pown tak tahu sape lagi? motif pikir awal pehal? well that's every girls dream kan? yesterday i went to kak amy's wedding! so sweet,young couple her wedding dress so much,all i wanna say is CONGRATULATIONS!
*ok dah pikir theme ape for my wedding ;Garden theme should be WOW for me,YAY :DDD

cut cut cutterrr

new cookie cutter from aunt amy,thanxxxx <3
InsyaAllah i will continue ma small business on early May :)