Sunday, February 27, 2011

We love you

Ma'mun Bin Junan well that's my grandfather. According to my mum he's Bugis. A very funny man at times strict! Yesterday he was 76 years old still going on strong and healthy.He can really sings well and during his younger days he was the vocalist for KTM combo.Guess that's where and my sisters got the singing and acting talent,cayalah!

p/s : Happy Birthday and may Allah swt bless you with good health & happiness always

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i see the light

Since i'm finishing my studies in a few months,MAMA provided me with a TORCHlight to guide me for my future - to continue my further studies in Taylor's! thankx mama,ILY <3

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Midlife crisis

heyho! almost a month i've been working and i can feel the pressure now! so this is the the pastry kitchen there's a 4 chef *including me. one is chef moon,chef wee,chef chan and chef max who i hate to the max! the thing is,the one who should guide me is chef moon *the best person ever but yg over the rainbow nye is chef max *wth! i'm doing my practical enn so salah ke kalau benda that i don't know or i'm not sure to do i tanye dulu? he said so,if you don't know anything,just ask,don't simply do! the problem is,since yesterday i tanye mesti nak marah2 until satu part ni siap panggil i personally and scold me like i buat salah plak! such a psycho BIG head short pimple man! i respect him before but now i'm starting to hate him! nak buli buli plak,ingat aku ni dahagakan sgt ke ilmu dari kau huh?! *HAHA! serius i can't stand working with him even look at his face every morning accept on tuesday *his off day.If he did something to me again,well max..just wait and see!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i miss my blog

HELLO THERE! *excited.its been a while i didn't post anything on my blog. owh my,what a busy month! i miss my blog so much! alhamdulillah everything goes very well! i love my job,my chef and all of the stuffs there.they're very nice to me,no pressure at all and guess the loft there's a nickname for the guys *JOHN and they pick one name for me *JANE memandangkan i'm the only chef perempuan in the kitchen and yeah i'm the shortest too but i'm proud with myself *ehek
one more thing, insyaAllah me and my 'partner in cream' will concentrate on our small business,will try our best for th customers and do SUPPORT US <3
i gtg now,tomorrow can't wait to learn learn something new with the best chef ever!
btw,salam maulidul rasul to all the muslims :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011


owh yeah,1st day of practical at The Loaf Bangsar Village 2 :)
a few month after final and now i have to wear back my apron,safety boot,white cap and knife in the pocket! heeeeee not baaaaaaaaaaaad,i had so much fun even it's a lil bit exhausted with the safety plus heavy safety boot. they helped me a lot specially chef moon and Chan.i did my pastry job so i have to make use with the dough,scrapper and the best part is to put chocolate fillings and cheese cream on top of the bread.tough one but i'm very happy! i'm tired now and i need to sleep! tomorrow will be working at 10am til 5 pm!
To all my friends yang practical after chinese new year,Good Luck <3

can't wait to continue my studies and excited to say HI DEGREE :)