Monday, March 28, 2011

She like's apple and I like Mango

Hi.hello.what's up! heeee,almost 3 weeks tak jumpa my one and only kaka aka "BUAH keria"! habis je kerja terosssss she fetch me at home.i went to her house for dinner then?? tutti frutti with her and safil, yay! suppose to Swenson's but on that day i plak yg nak sgt makan froyo,lagi2 before mama off to Doha dia dah bagi extra pocket money ntok blanje si kaka tutti frutti! ape cer? suppose org tu yg blanje kottttt? hehehehe what a happy day la kaaa even skejap je rase still awesome! see you next week,sleepover at cyber jaya :D

p/s : Our fav flavor at tutti frutti will be apple and mango
fav toppings is Oreo and Gummi bear
so what's YOUR flavor guys?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

For once in my life

I must learn to love the fool in me, the one who feels too much, talks too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes and loses often, lacks self-control, loves and hates, hurts and gets hurt, promises and breaks promises, laughs and cries."
P/S : Loveeee being Sin***

Friday, March 25, 2011


Hello readers! well so much to talk about! i just got back from the airport,mama and my big sister off to Doha for what i dunnoe..saje la kot nak visit along's place! too bad i tak dapat ikot because of my 3 month internship.i am so disappointed,really wanna go there with them.InsyaAllah i will fly to Doha on May or maybe June BUT at that time plak SUMMER! shoot! no matter what,i am so HAPPY dapat jumpa my sisters! SUSAH sangat nak gather the whole family even angah kat rumah for a night but i'm glad to spend my time with her.we got a lot of things from along! loveeee my Marc Jacobs silly band and my small baby blue Long Champ bag and and my Victoria Secret pajamas!*excited giler* thank you so much along and yeah,At last! Alhamdullilah i love my service line job now,lagi sebulan tu nothing for me because i got excited every morning before masok kerja and soon will get my 2 month allowance for the 1st time kerja la katekan,teehee! 1st of all i will buy something for mama and papa then a birthday present for along,insyaAallah :)
P/S : MAMA please balik cepat okay? i miss you already! sob sob :')

Thursday, March 17, 2011


All i can say is,
*omb stand for owh my baby


As usual.balik kerja je nothing else to do so i planned to meet the girls! heeeeee
it's very difficult to meet them,specially hana who studying far far away from here! we went out for dinner at Chawan after that DESSERT at Plan B Bangsar Village. What a great night ever! gossip, laugh like theres no other people and hell yeah we act like monkeys! hahahahha bak kate hana "i ni mcm je ustazah tapi...." hahahahahha.i love them,glad to see my future Doctor and Teacher.will see them again but i dunnoe when,hopefully before you go back to Egypt yea hana? and to my blury izzati *actually both also BLUR* will send my kids to your kindergarden okay? lol.will pray for your success girls :)

p/s : thank you hana for the dinner and the gift! love it,muah :*

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Let's talk and talk

PEOPLE OUT THERE,hi hi hi! actually i just got back from work abybeh! today was okay,alhamdulillah. i just love working with WEE but too bad he'll be transfer to The Loaf Pavillion.kenape tak BIG head je yang di transferkan? damn! hehe,now i dunnoe what to do,my tummy hurts so i cannot sleep.later i dunnoe where to go,wanna watch movie but malas nak siap! my mum ajak dinner tmpat best2 but i'm full so blogging je la nmpaknye while listening to WHAT A WORDS by Chris Medina! *addicted to his song! so so so,i just can't wait to meet my sisters,they'll come back and we gonna have a BIG family dinner as usual! yeay *new cloth please :) lately ni i miss my GIRLFRIENDS so much,to IKHA..HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.may you and family selamat mengerjakan umrah.To HANA,when can we meet before you go back to EGYPT? to ECAR,dont forget our SWENSEN'S day! IZZATIE i miss you so much! to NAD let's skype,everyday also can and let's GOSSIP about what theme for our wedding day? huh? hehe! so now,nak mandi nak REST puas2!that's all fpr today, thank you for reading,xoxo from me : peanut :D

P/S : almost 100 thousand people lost their homes, 4.4 million homes in Japan has no electricity, NOW NOBODY IS RICH OR POOR, LET'S ALL BE ONE AND HELP OUR FELLOW NATION, LET'S BE THE CITIZENS OF THE EARTH, Let's all put our hands together and pray for the Japanese, may God bless them and give them strength to deal with it, God bless all! AMIN

Saturday, March 5, 2011