Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Assalamualaikum,Good morning,Bonjour! ahaaaaaaaaa trying my best ntok bangun lambat but i can't! dah tak kerja pown still bangun awai,well "dah tak kerja" tu la sub topic kita pada pagi ini ye.Hehe fyi smlm last day bekerja,today nak rest puas2 plus sampai la next year! huhu,after that i akan busy with MUET exam then will continue my studies.YES YES YES i am super duper excited nak masok ke alam study blk.nama pown manusia,tak penah nak puas ngan ape yang kita ade.dah kerja nak cuti,biler cuti nak kerja? dah blajar nak brenti,biler blajar boring pulak.So pape pown enjoy dulu cuti and new year kemudiannye baru focus on MUET eh eh eh? gaji plak anytime now,part time mmg lewat sikit.dapat plak check so kena tunggu a few days ntok dapatkan cash & the best part is' mamaloan' still ade,ngeheheheheh! calculate dulu brape gaji i, btol2 dapat then mama bagi dulu duit,dapat je check i bagi la mama balik.faham tak? naaaah forget it! and now rase mcm nak pi mani and padi,urut,salon,shopping,mama's birthday present,dinner with best friends yg kaki ketok.heeeeeeeee and not to forget,Happy 4 month anniversary khairul aka tak layan cek 3 hari dah.ntah ape kena nye cek malas nak figure it out! pape pown i still got something for you,malam ni i delievery kat rumah eh eh? Love yah :)

*currently listening to take it or leave it by sublime with rome while create this blog! BEST

Friday, December 9, 2011

Ikha's BIG day!

it's 108 am and i'm awake? actually i just got back from my best friend akad nikah day,haishhhh i'm speechless! she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous on her wedding dress and amir look sooooooooooooooo macho dgn baju mlayu putih dia! well love everything,dari pelamin,baju,make up and semuanye perfecto! thanks sbb jadikan i dayang you and i hope our friendship sampai biler2 even you dah kawin pown! i'm happy in a same time sedih because tak sangka you dah jadi MRS AMIR! heheheheh and next? who's on the line? i think izzatie sebab gatai sgt nak kawin ngan acap! so i'm happy and girlfriends,see you at ikha's reception esok! nyteee <3
will upload more picturesssssss :)


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Awesome twentynine


.Pay check has been bank in

.Meeting cousins for a citcat

.Received a belated birthday present from beloved sister

.3 month

So many wonderful events took place on 29 November.So excited since i will be receiving my first pay check form The Loaf.After work i had a date with 3 of my closest cousins at a nasi lemak stall.We happily planned some outtings and it was fun when each of us gave all kind of silly ideas for our outtings,HAHA! i really hope that all our plans will materialise.Came back home late tired but smiling.On the bed while my eyes shut mind wonders I was awaken by the ringing of my phone it's Shin on the line and I have to meet up with her to collect some stuffs she rought from my sister in Doha.It's my belated birthday present came in a box wrapped in a shocking pink papper with a beautiful birthday card sign with love from Houston,USA! Thanks along it's really thoughtful of you and i must tell you that i like it soooooooo much.Lastly Happy 3 month anniversary khairul,aisheteru <3

Monday, November 28, 2011


Good Evening! Alhamdulillah papa safely arrived from Krabi and and Imortial was okay in a same time agak ganas tapi takpe ye,HERO handsome weih! perot ketak ketak ,awwww sexy! nothing much to tell but today kerja pown okay and still inner cheek tak okay. hurmmmmmm mengidam macam macam but still kena makan porridge or pape food yang soft SAHAJA! sampai biler macam ni pown tak taw tapi takpe sebab sakit ni la yang menghapus dosa-dosa kecilku? LOL! Actually i miss Khairul already,i know it sounds YAIKS but that's what i feel now,hurmmmm baru 1 hari dia kat Japan dah macam macam cek pikiaq! dah makan ke blom,wheather kat sane okay ke tak and everything lah! but InsyaAllah he's fine there,Khairul sumbat ape pown makan je! he's in Japan for Ekiden run 2011 @ TOYOTA sports center Japan yakni tempat dimana beliau bekerja dan diberi gaji,hahahaha! pape pown i will always pray for you yea? may Allah protect you & i just want you to know that we're proud of you :)

P/S : I LOVE YOU & i would like to dedicate this song to you my love

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Miss Painful

*singing It's friday friday.hahahahhaha good morning lovelies! today is my 2nd day of staying at home,eating crackers and milo for breakfast then for lunch pulak porridge,malam plak yogurt? 2hari mcm ni seksa giler,actually my inner cheek pecah + benanah + my teeth kat blakang ni dah penoh so when i talk or eat beselisih plak ngan wound dlm mulut ni.MasyaAllah,Tuhan je tawu betapa sakitnye! Doctor said my anti body tak kuat so he gave antibiotic and ubat tahan saki je,that's it! need to see dentist after semua dah okay,kalau pegi time tgh sakit nie doctor tak boleyh buat pape so no matter what kena sembuh dulu.This is my 2nd time sbenanye but hopefully takde kena mengena la ngan teeth because the most thing yg i takot is to go dentist! Ikha,sorry if i can't join tonight on your bachelorette dinner,if i go pown ape je i boleyh makan? i'll bet there's no porridge there,hehe! izzatie & ayan je la wakil i okay! so i'll be very busy on saturday and sunday.can't wait :')

Monday, November 14, 2011


Good evening,i feel so fresh after mandi plus yummy dinner with papa and mama! actually i just got back from work,1st day kerja at The Loaf Bangsar Village. While waiting for my MUET exam i buat la part time job. Other reason plak my dad bising i duduk rumah without doing anything plus habiskan duit dia without rase kesusahan bekerja mencari rezeki. Fuuuuuh ayat cek! to telling the truth kerja kat sane mmg F U N and i sendiri rase comfortable maybe sebab 3 month practical dulu enn? this time bnyak youngsters so they call me KAKAK? shoot,awkward sangat but like they said "saya nak panggil akak jugak even you're shorter than me" phuiii! the best part is i dah habis kerja and diorang plak tgh break,bukan depa pi makan but dok lepak ngan i sambil makan sweet! penat,sakit kaki annnnnnd sleepy but i really enjoyed myself. This Wednesday Tun Dr Mahathir datang to his bakery for lunch rasanye,BIG event for us and i plak di sumbatkan dkt pastry kitchen to help them bake,so excited! so that's all for now la eh and WELCOME HOME bestfriend aka IZZATIE,Can't wait to hear ypur voice! LOL.

OWH YEA BTW,my babies name : PONYO female POCOYO male and i just bought em new cage! bigger so they can run here and there like nobody's care! i'm off to bed now,really need my beauty sleep!EHEHE! muaaaah,good night :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Happy 30th Anniversary to my beloved parents :)



Belated Birthday Gifts

Owh hi,hehehehheh! say hi to my new pets yang still takde nama.Actually this is my belated birthday present from beloved khairul.He told me that "you punya birthday present lewat sikit eh,dah order but tak taw biler boleh dapat" statement macam order kreta? hahahahahha! so on Hari Raya Haji the whole family sleep over at wan's house,yang muda muda mmg tak boleyh stay at home,ade je agenda so we decided to go out and and and we went to rahman putra just nak karaoke.nak kata karaoke jamban tak jugak but hell yeah,bnyak rempit plus bawu rokok melokek kat rambot den! hahahahahahha nyanyi punya nyanyi HE bbm me and ask me to drop by jap kat rumah dia to collect my belated birthday present and i pown hangkut semua cousin2 ikot sklai to teman me.Sampai je,Khairul came with a big box which is i don't expect there's a guniea pig inside! i punya la excited because i told him that i mm nak bela pets,either cats or gunie pig la kan? then i dapat jugak,2 ekor skali he gave me! sekor jantan sekor betina and guess what? the best part is yg female gemok like me and male plak golap mcm khairul,elok sgt la tu! hahahhahahaha thanks love,iloveyah and not to forget Selamat Hari Raya Haji to all Muslims :)

p/s : i bought everything for my new pets accept their BIG cage! still searching :)


Thursday, November 3, 2011


assalamualaikum and HELLO ! i just got back from fullhouse,had dinner with the love one! first of all my laptop dah okay,thanks to izzat because you helped me a lot man! hehehehhehe the most important thing is.. now i'm 21 YEARS OLD, i got the key yawwwww! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heeheep hooraaaay! *eh silap,dah mature mane boleyh berkelakuan sedemikian*LOL! syukur alhamduillah kerana masih mampu bernafas di muka bumi ini. for me, that's the best give from Allah! to my family plak,thanks sbb bnyak support i especially mama yang melahirkan dan membesarkan dan sanggup tahan songel i *macam artis la plak bagi ucapan mcm ni,but i don't care! biler lagi enn nak thanks to everyone. Heeee to my friends,i love you guys so much! lagi lagi yang sanggup tunggu midnight just to call and wish me happy birthday,Tuhan je taw how i felt at that time. i cried you know!! heeee i aprriciate it so much taw taw taw! actually biler dah besar ni kan,bukan la nak sgt present or something special just wish je pown dah okay,smpai speechless sbb ramai yg tak lupa my date of birth! sebak pown ade and the whole day my phone tak stop notifacation masok,thanks again! hanya Allah swt je yang mampu balas budi baik angpa semua! muaaaaaaaaaah *hugs*

Thursday, October 27, 2011


A special gift from along.Thanx for the bracelet eh eh?! i love it so much :)

FYI,my laptop still tak boleh guna.malas btol nak bawak repair! just wanna tell yeah..i miss blogging so much! lotsa story nak share kat sini.hmmmmm :')

Monday, September 12, 2011

RAYA 2011

hi hi hi,i know it's too late for me to update about raya and whatsoever! hahahaha btw raya for this year simple je as always but excited sbb this year family belah mama masak sedap sedap pakai dapur bara,penah dengar? well rendang kalau masok pkai dapur bara mmg walah! terbaiiiikkkk,seriously! i kurang sikit rendang daging but this time i balun kaw kawwwwww punya.this year spoiled nye because of raya mood tak brape best la,maybe dah besar enn,duit raya pown K U R A N G! well is good to have the whole family raya together,selalunye either angah takde mesti along plak takde enn? syukur,hopefully raya next year will be more exciting.insyaAllah! again,selamat hari raya maaf zahir & batin :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

BALI with hearts

assalamualaikum,tak jawab dosa! hieeeeeeeeeeee,actually dah puas sgt tidornya now my energy dah bnyak sgt and i'm ready to update my blog,yay! Hi again,yesterday baru je balik from holiday. my 2nd time to Bali and my 1st time to Bali with beloved family.

-Arrived at Bali around 630,kat sane 6 dah gelap mcm pukul 10.
-A night at Grand Inna Beach Resort in Sannur,owh i just love the resort in Sannur! Cantik bangat.
*memandangkan sampai agak lewat so we just went out for dinner then rest.

-Guess what? i did parasailing for the 1st time! can't imagine the courage that i have floating up high in the air where i felt so calm plus fear and Gosh,the view up there were awesomeeeeeee! the sea is so clear where i can see the corals in it :)
-I also had my hair beaded by 2 locals and it cost me only IDR 15000,after that we went to NUSA 2 for shopping sikit.

hari hari yg seterosnye tak buat pape,just shopping,makan tepi beach (superb) kena kacau hantuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,cuaca agak terok mase nak blk and YES rumah sendiri jugak best :)
p/s : nak honeymoon kat Bali awh nanti :p

Friday, August 26, 2011

Something New

Hello there,GUESS WHAT? i did something new today! This is my 1st time colour rambut,gara gara ikot angah pi salon then i made up my mind nak colour rambot jugak.i chosed Light Auburn,hopefully jadi because my hair terlampau black sampai tak nampak kalau pakai colour terang mcm mane pown *buang mase,buang duit buang tenaga* so hopefully raya ni meletop la dengan new hair colour,HAHAHA! *TU POWN KALAU BERKESAN* btw shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh if papa know bout this mesti dia bising,mama plak mesti cakap "buat ape nak colour2 rambot ni? rambot awak tu healthy with black colour" yeaaaa no matter what,rambot with original black colour memang wow! so picture raya with new hair colour. Hey i can't wait to see the result :D

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Raya Datang Lagi,tapi..

Assalamualaikum,syukur alhamdulillah sebab laptop nazak angah masih mampu update blog walaupown 8 inci tebal habuknya *hatchuuuummm*thanx to mama's ipad too sebab tak boleyh update blog i,stakat title je lepas! puiiii! btw it's not too late for me to wish you guys Selamat Berpuasa pada hari yg ke 27! banyak sangat cerita yang i nak share,the first thing is BAJU RAYA tak siap lagi! best,bessssssst sangat! even dah hanta kat taylor since early May,puas la dok push mama suruh hanta awai but end up tak siap jugak! bayangkan laaaa May until August tak siap siap jugak,macam ni la orang Melayu kalau buat business.Tak penah nak serious! so this year,baju raya beli je laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and our duty since 1st day of puasa lagi me and my sister busy with 'menjual kuih raya',angah dengan kuih makmur la,tart la,sarang semut la,mama carrie la,peanut butter cookies laa but mine will be colourful butterfly cookies with royal icing! untung laa dia punya lagi laku,kita ni setakat orang order untuk small function je,yang pentinnnnngggg angah mashukkkkk! i love you sister,you're my everything! lol! so now,forget about baju raya yang tak siap and hey Raya,guess what?! i am super excited to celebrate! along will be back to Malaysia on 27th and our family will be going to Bali on the 3rd raya,weeehoooooooooooooooooooooooo and to all my beloved readers *tu pown kalau ade laaa*

Aloq Staq teketaq-ketaq,

Lapaq perot makan pau,

Macam mane tak ketaq,

Kena paksa bagi angpau.

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir & Batin semuaaa

xoxo :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

makan makan before ramadhan.

hi,good afternoon! ade lagi crita yg lupa nak update,hehehheh *baru nak tidoq* BIG thanks to eddie aka kawan mase skolah! decided to blanje all of us dinner before bulan ramadhan tak lame lagi ni! thank you abg eddie kita *ehek,nak naik range roverrrrrrrrrr ber seatkan lather putih* HAHA over enn? :)

P/S : Anddddd that's eddie,in the 1st picture yang pakai baju stripes mcm cek tu *malu taw* thanx again eddie,moga jasamu dibalas oleh NYA :)
DO NOT focus kat yg pkai cap tu! argh

Thursday, July 28, 2011


omaigaaaaaad,dah lame nak carik cotton candy yg ade cone with colourful transparent packaging! ade sape sape penah makan tak or still ingat bout it? my favorite since dulu lagi,usually this kinda cotton candy i beli dekat babu jual roti depan rumah, teres house slalunya laaa kot yg bawak motor penoh roti tu *is it babu?* mase kecik kecik dulu before maghrib mesti tunggu pakcik roti dtg just to buy that yummy yum cotton candy! serius sedaaaaaaaaaaaaap,tak tipu!! that day siap tahan pakcik bawak motor roti just to check kalau2 still ade jual lagi ke tak? but too bad,2 motor i tahan still tak de pown yg jual! seriously i mmg nak sgt that small cotton candy with cone! *sigh*

p/s : i never like cotton candy yg siap ade strawberry ,blueberry flavor kat super market even kat pasar malam! tak sesedap favorite i tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! sape dapat belikan,i doa supaya dia dimurahkan rezeki kehendaknye,amin :*

Harimau Malaya,Aummm!

Hey pretty girls and handsome boys out there,chewaaah sukew lew tuw! Gosh,my hand is shaking because i'm so excited to update my blog! my laptop rosak because of makhluk Allah mane ntah yg suka spam spam ni,rase nak pang muka dia ade gak? hahahahahah.btw thanks to Atika Rosdi sebab pinjamkan laptop even lap kan taik mata cek yang dah lame bengkak,kemerahan,kegatalan,keberairan,kesepetan dan kerimasan kesangatan ni! almost a week sakit still tak elok lagi! keperitan melanda apabila bangun tido akibat taik mata sebakul :) actually this is not the topic enn? pape ntah ecar ni! well wanna talk about my 1st experience tengok bola live,haishhhh i ni bukannye BIG fan of football but org dah bagi ticket free enn *thanks again to ecar* so pegi jer laaaaaa! kena pulak Chelsea,mmg ape pown i zero! tak kira la MU ker,Liverpool ke or mane mane team jer la,I MEMANG TAK TAWU sape nama player,position or whatever la weih,HAHAHAH! but not bad,bukannye susah kan? org jerit kita jerit,org buat wave kita follow.heeeee! no matter what,that is my first and the last tgok bola live because the worst part is nak naik train biler blk even 3 or 2 station je to tmpat letak kreta STILL i tak tahan sbb bawu ketiak org ni mcm mcm je adenye tambah plak lagi ngan peloh? perghhhhhh terbaik! hahaha memandangkan today Malaysia VS singapore,org bagi free 10 pown still i tak nak pegi but i boleyh support dari tv rumah jer,Good Luck Malaysia <3

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fantastic Friends.

i know you girls suka my tummy :)
dinner with em
birthday girl :)
sedap ape your voiceeeee ;D

"we want food"
yummy cheese cake from HANA
lelong lelong!

Good morning,now 12 am and i feel like update this now! before izzatie blk Australia,nad blk Kelantan,qifa yg dah pown smpai miri baik i plan jumpa semua-semua ni.YES we did,siap sleepover at ikha's apartment,surprise birthday party,karaoke,dinner and lotsa fun things that we did dalam satu hari! omaigaaaaaad i can't describe how happy am i biler with all of yah! after this kena gather lagi like this,okayyyy? cepat betol mase berlalu,dah ade yg nak kawin dah pown,awwwww no matter what happen,i tetap with you guys! so now,after ikha sape pulak? hopefully i la enn,hehe :)

P/S : congratulations afi sebab his 1st time visit my blog,HAHA ^_^

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Sekolah lencana besar plus lagu skolah tak sedap :)
We used to lepak kat stairs nie,owh i miss this moment.
We used to hide in this fire extinguisher room,HAHA!
With the new principle.
Proud of it.

Assalamualaikum,hey there! how's everything? me, not feeling well! dah 3 hari tak sedap badan plus selesema non stop.exhausted because the whole day keluar.Today me and my girls went to our high school mase form four until form five owh btw i was in Sekolah Taman Ilmu & Budi. haaaaaaa tak penah dengar enn? well this is private school under UIA,we're the 1st batch so form 4 until form 5 we're the seniors,ahaaaaaaaaa cool enn? so mase tu class form five ade 2 class jer,maklumla skolah baru bukak.form 4 util form 5 i was in 4/5 Al-Ghazali so kawan kawan yang lain from 4/5 Al-Farabi.our class just bersebelahan so i under class account yang Farabi class science and kalau bosan,takde sape nak teman pi toilet,tak nak masok class Quran or pin tudung tak reti nak pakai i akan ke class Frabi! yang dok melayan i will be Nadia,Hana or Qifa. hahahahahahha! *kelemahan sewaktu itu adalah memakai tudung dgn sendirinya dan mmg ngok nak pin tudung* dari form 4 smpai ke form 5 org pin kan tudung i! heeeeeee. so tadi kat sekolah we recalled everything that we had done for 2 years! kelakar sgt,kalau nak cerita mmg panjang! owh lupa,jahat-jahat i pown i ketua dekat hostel taw! gahahahaha so tadi we really enjoyed our day,dapat jumpa cikgu cikgu plus snap pictures kat our favorite spot. Honestly,i miss my high school moments! sekarang semua dah besar panjang,ramai yang dah nak kahwin then after pegi sekolah to support their curriculum day pi pulak karaoke! makan makan then blk but this time lain sikit kot,BEST dia satu mcm jer! enn enn? thank you ladies,it was awesome *hugs*