Friday, May 7, 2010

eldest sister

we're getting closer each day,suddenly you have to go! i still tak boleyh accept the fact.after this xde dah dengar you memekak dlm toilet,dessert everyday,shopping together,manicure and padicure,teman you shooting and all? no moreeeeee.i promise you to take care of papa and mama..well,thant's my responsibiliti.dont you worry bout that.promise me,when you in Doha you'll never forget bout us ok along? always skype me when you matter what,i want you to come bck when i dah nak Gred nnti,please please please blk mase tu! hurrrrm.i'll visit you there when i cuti sem or whatever k? i,all the best to you along! iloveyousomuch!

*im not gonna be you personal assistant anymore but i always be your cute lil sister :')

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