Monday, June 7, 2010


Alhamdulillah,new semester begins! for this short semester bnyak masuk kitchen je,owh yes! dah lame tak asah skill and arghhh hopefully dapat chef best2 and and class is only on tuesday till thursday.guys,on monday and friday i'm totally free,and weeeeeeeeeee i can spend my time with family and friends *smiling.3 subjects for this short sem,InsyaALLAH boleyh handle and i have to change my attitude! kena serius sikit! *muka comunication la subject paling sucks! damn it,lecturer for that subject mmg BITCHY! for sure this sem kena bahan terok! food comercial,paling i excited coz we cook and we serve course by course! woohoooo,please come and enjoy the food! last but not least international cuisin,AWESOME ;)

pnut,please please please buat assignment awal2 bukan dah nak kena submit esok,harini baru nak siapkan and and please jgn malawan si miss SUBASHINI (singa) tu coz dia mmg bitchy ;)

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