Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stop being so stupid,it's our turn!

Meet my other best friend,THAQIFA aka QIFA aka FAA :)
she's my best friend since in high school! younger than me tapi cerdik sgt enn tu yg lompat smpai same umur tuh! hahahaha and YES she's much more matured than me.*obviously
1st time masok skolah dulu,dia la i yg tegor! last last blk same,mandi same,tido sekatil tapi class je different,still bersebelahan? hehe,no matter what 2 years dok bertahan pin kan tudung i before we go to school! hahahahahha and now she's in KL,duduk plak depan rumah i and yay. everyday bleyh jumpa you kan faa kan! love yah,xoxo :D

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