Wednesday, September 7, 2011

BALI with hearts

assalamualaikum,tak jawab dosa! hieeeeeeeeeeee,actually dah puas sgt tidornya now my energy dah bnyak sgt and i'm ready to update my blog,yay! Hi again,yesterday baru je balik from holiday. my 2nd time to Bali and my 1st time to Bali with beloved family.

-Arrived at Bali around 630,kat sane 6 dah gelap mcm pukul 10.
-A night at Grand Inna Beach Resort in Sannur,owh i just love the resort in Sannur! Cantik bangat.
*memandangkan sampai agak lewat so we just went out for dinner then rest.

-Guess what? i did parasailing for the 1st time! can't imagine the courage that i have floating up high in the air where i felt so calm plus fear and Gosh,the view up there were awesomeeeeeee! the sea is so clear where i can see the corals in it :)
-I also had my hair beaded by 2 locals and it cost me only IDR 15000,after that we went to NUSA 2 for shopping sikit.

hari hari yg seterosnye tak buat pape,just shopping,makan tepi beach (superb) kena kacau hantuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,cuaca agak terok mase nak blk and YES rumah sendiri jugak best :)
p/s : nak honeymoon kat Bali awh nanti :p

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