Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Last minute planned.

Haishhhh subahanAllah,why she's so pretty? hahaha motif intro blog kali ni mcm ni? actaually tonight dok melayan tutorial je! tak kesah la makeup tutorial or hijab,i'm wondering why they can do it perfectly plus pro je pin here and there,touch up tup tap dah lawa.haha andddd that's not the topic about! dan sebenarnya,i just wanna say it out loud that i am EXHAUSTED in a same time i am happy with myself.Terciptanya record naik broga hill without any preparation and last minute plan! last night we had bbq then finished around 2am,dah tak tawu ape nak buat then plan punya plan khairul said he want to go broga hill,his other friends pown stuju then i siap pack bag then teros gerak to his house,kumpul kat sana then pegi.Around 530am gerak to kajang,6 am dah start naik.Alhamdulillah we did it and i mmg all out mase nak naik tu but but but time turun memang flat habis! gayat pown ade,lutot teketaq ketaq mmg tak payah ckp laaa,maybe sebab kurang air kan? nasib they helped each other,tunggu mane yg lembab *myself.dah puas panjat here and there,they plan nak pi mandi sungai plak..drive la pulak pi sungai congkak! smpai takde mood nak mandi,only khairul and his few friends je yg terjun,yg lain2 dtg untuk makan and tido,dah takde mood nak mandi because we're too tired! after a few days tak tido la katakan,so dgn busuk2 la blk rumah.penat mcm mane pown,for me hari mmg superbbbbb! best giler and lastly,skrng i cannot sleep! jom face mask :)

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