Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hello peeps,how are yah today? me? doing just fineeeeeeeeeee,just got back from MURNI which is my favorite spot now! Last time muka i je menepek kat Chawan but now MURNI yay! after practicing a few songs for someone's wedding day i've decided to watch movie with my college mates,we watched LADDA LAND,the most yaiks movie yang i tak kan tgok lagi! dah lah duduk kat third row plus sound sistem kuat bagai,damn! sakit tekak jerit,smpai nak tekeluar otak! HAHAHAH but i enjoyed my day with you guys and thanx to Alip sbb blanje our drinks and thanx to hafiz too sebab sanggup ambik i,hanta i! and to lita,cepat sikit siapkan report sebab i dah boleyh hanta da by this Fridaaaaay!heee so guys what is our next plan? and hey i gtg,need more practice on traditional malay songs!

*wish me luck and do support me and my new keyboardist*

p/s : Jangan nak Ladda Land sangat eh lepas nie and i tak suke btol pakcik sbelah Alip tadi! Annoying! arghhhh.

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