Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yes i can!

hi,what's up? hurmmm a bit upset since yesterday and today LAGI la upset course i don't think i can sing on the wedding day,i mean on mama's friends wedding day. it's totally different when i sing using keyboard and nyanyi karaoke! it's totally difficult because i bukan mcm kakak i,slalu nyanyi so bnyak la experience yg dia ade kan? tonight and tomorrow kena practice over and over again especially on traditional song! lagu simple,slalu dgr but nak nyanyi susah coz i tak hafal lyric plus key ape nak guna and all lah! lucky this is just for fun,i can only sing lagu that i really confidence and hafal.InsyaAllah i can do better than just now,AMIN.
so this is the title of the song that i have to sing on 3.7.2011

Di Renjis-renjis Di Pilis
Ku Ada Kamu
Can't Take My Eyes Of You
Something Stupid
Kau Mawarku
Selamat Pengantin Baru
Endless Love.

p/s : to uncle kamal aka keyboardist,i love your voice :)

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