Sunday, February 20, 2011

Midlife crisis

heyho! almost a month i've been working and i can feel the pressure now! so this is the the pastry kitchen there's a 4 chef *including me. one is chef moon,chef wee,chef chan and chef max who i hate to the max! the thing is,the one who should guide me is chef moon *the best person ever but yg over the rainbow nye is chef max *wth! i'm doing my practical enn so salah ke kalau benda that i don't know or i'm not sure to do i tanye dulu? he said so,if you don't know anything,just ask,don't simply do! the problem is,since yesterday i tanye mesti nak marah2 until satu part ni siap panggil i personally and scold me like i buat salah plak! such a psycho BIG head short pimple man! i respect him before but now i'm starting to hate him! nak buli buli plak,ingat aku ni dahagakan sgt ke ilmu dari kau huh?! *HAHA! serius i can't stand working with him even look at his face every morning accept on tuesday *his off day.If he did something to me again,well max..just wait and see!

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