Thursday, February 3, 2011


owh yeah,1st day of practical at The Loaf Bangsar Village 2 :)
a few month after final and now i have to wear back my apron,safety boot,white cap and knife in the pocket! heeeeee not baaaaaaaaaaaad,i had so much fun even it's a lil bit exhausted with the safety plus heavy safety boot. they helped me a lot specially chef moon and Chan.i did my pastry job so i have to make use with the dough,scrapper and the best part is to put chocolate fillings and cheese cream on top of the bread.tough one but i'm very happy! i'm tired now and i need to sleep! tomorrow will be working at 10am til 5 pm!
To all my friends yang practical after chinese new year,Good Luck <3

can't wait to continue my studies and excited to say HI DEGREE :)

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