Sunday, April 10, 2011


Lately nie all i think about is to get MARRY? wth? actually it's true laaa,this is not because i gatal or what but everyone pown pikir pasal future? i'm a bit different la kot? my dad punya family side tak brape suka his children bertunang even bersanding because adat katanye,bukannye wajib! he said after nikah stakat nak buat small celebration should be okay so i excited pown pasal my wedding drees nnti,the theme of the day? ring on my finger? cake brape tingkat? but too bad,future husband pown tak tahu sape lagi? motif pikir awal pehal? well that's every girls dream kan? yesterday i went to kak amy's wedding! so sweet,young couple her wedding dress so much,all i wanna say is CONGRATULATIONS!
*ok dah pikir theme ape for my wedding ;Garden theme should be WOW for me,YAY :DDD

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