Friday, April 15, 2011

Happiness in me

meet,kakak Ratna :)
glad that you like the cake kakak <3
tadaaaaa! so delicious :)
me with excited face,durhhh?
psycho friends,ooops :p
cute :D
Me and my lunch partner,dewi :)
Bakery chefs and beside kakak ratna is MAX?! (I HATE HIM!)

BUSY counting those days till the end of this month,can't wait? but in a same time it's hard for me to say good bye.Three month kat sini rase macam dah lame,we're like family and seriously i'm happy with my job and my friends at The Loaf.Today we had a surprise birthday cake for our manager miss Ratna,*she looks petite but she's very very strict and cuteeeee.HAPPY BIRTHDAY again! we're glad you like the cake specially the sparkling candles.heeehee! harini je dah macam ade kenduri,so happening! so let me introduce you guys to my friends aka my second family at The Loaf <3

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