Friday, April 29, 2011

i've been punk'd

look at the manager's hand! telor dah prepair awal2! x senonoh!
nothing else i can do,just screaaaaaaaaaaam!
my hair full of stinky shit ingredients! damn sticky and my eyes hurt!
terpakse la mandi kat hot kitchen,thanx papa shafiq :p

hey hey ho! i just got back from work and today is my last day of practical! seriously i feel happy in a same time i feel so sad specially mase nak blk tadi and hell yeah,i kena terok giler with em! at 10 pm i dah start kemas2 memandangkan 1st time i dapat masok kerja at 2pm until 11pm iaitu time closing *nmpak sgt dah depa nak daje aku then kemas punya kemas,pose punya pose ade something hard kena my forehead*sumpah sakit! diorang dah prepared telor plus serbuk kopi plus tabasco for me! they said i'm the 1st girl yg kena terok! omg,i miss them already..
*i will never forget this moment for the rest of my life :')

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