Sunday, July 3, 2011


hearts ; papa :)
Najwa,me and aunt jani
My talented keyboardist,Uncle Kamal
Before the performance.

salam,Hi,Yo! fuuuuuuuuuh exhausted! still nak post blog ni even i penat giler plus rambot keras sbb spray satu botol,plus fake eyelashes,make up tak remove! BEST night ever,well i just got back from Dewan Perdana sbenanye.My 1st time of nyanyi in front of ramai orang like almost 800 org. Before this yes i nyanyi but tak penah lagi la smpai this lavel.Actually is not that easy nyanyi guna keyboard,susaaaaaaaah sangat! keyboardist kena ikot i,i kena ikot keyboardist! biler one of us silap sikit semua hancoq.Thanx to uncle kamal which is mama's friend sebab bagi i opportunity to nyanyi with you and support i from behind and thanx kat mama too aka manager sebab push i smpai i sanggup nak performed! actually plan ni just for fun and now mcm dah serious je, so on September & November ni dah ade org booked us! hehehehheheeh BUT please la jgn bnyak sangat traditional song,susah! :')

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