Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fantastic Friends.

i know you girls suka my tummy :)
dinner with em
birthday girl :)
sedap ape your voiceeeee ;D

"we want food"
yummy cheese cake from HANA
lelong lelong!

Good morning,now 12 am and i feel like update this now! before izzatie blk Australia,nad blk Kelantan,qifa yg dah pown smpai miri baik i plan jumpa semua-semua ni.YES we did,siap sleepover at ikha's apartment,surprise birthday party,karaoke,dinner and lotsa fun things that we did dalam satu hari! omaigaaaaaad i can't describe how happy am i biler with all of yah! after this kena gather lagi like this,okayyyy? cepat betol mase berlalu,dah ade yg nak kawin dah pown,awwwww no matter what happen,i tetap with you guys! so now,after ikha sape pulak? hopefully i la enn,hehe :)

P/S : congratulations afi sebab his 1st time visit my blog,HAHA ^_^

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