Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i hate goodbyes!

Good Evening everyone! before i take my bath and off to bed,wanna share something with you people.we planned to eat ikan bakar lame dah then tak jadi because i'm too busy with interview and still waiting for the call,haishhhh! stress! so today,i met ikha and izzatie at Sekinchan,we had ikan pari bakar,udang bakar and so much more.too bad takde la sedap mane pown..as long as i met you zatie,for the last day? naaaaaaaaaaaaah hopefully you tak jadi blk la jumaat nie! argh,i'm so gonna miss you nnti,hopefully we can meet you on the friday morning for breakfast with nad.
makan smpai full suddenly ecar's family nak dinner at sekinchan also,i have no choice kena ikot la jugak enn?! so twice a day i'm at sekinchan and now i smell like ikan pari! hahahahha thanks everyone,i cannot breath now coz i'm too full! hopefully muat lagi la shirt for interview esok :)
gtg now,thanx for reading! nite nite,xoxo <3

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