Friday, January 7, 2011


Lately nie ramai je yg main game through fb? should i call it game? i pown tak tawu la,all i know is you inbox number pape pown kat fb diorang then they will crita blk la pape pasal yourself! usually my number will be 143 or 1437 so this is what they said about me :)

from nad :)

1437, my baby ♥ u're such an amazing person. i love everything about u. day by day our friendship grew stronger. u're there whenever i need u. thrue all the ups and down. don't ever leave me ok dear? ily ♥
p/s: banana pie pleasee? :D

from my junior,LALA

143- shes my senior in highschool and also so called asrama! hahhah suke kacau2 org tdooo! still teringatt when she kejut me and iqa bangun! hahahah mcm nak pecah pintu bilik! and yeah die suke membazirkan spray baju die just to wke us up! suara die mmg tak ley blaaa! haha bilik die dijadikan bilik mesyuarat! ahahah LOL i miss those days and you!

from Danial Mahmud <3

143..haha...kak kacang oii.dah 2 tahun kita kenal each other kan?amazing weyh..haha.ur kind.good adviser and i admire ur positive thinking.haha.i miss ya babe!

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