Sunday, January 9, 2011

We'll be together forever

HOLA! ow yeah,i feel so free exam for my final year semua dah selesai,alhamdulillah i did my best! nothing to worry about la kot just waiting for HR management to call and result for final semester.hopefully everything will be just fine.Papehal pown still planning where to go for a holiday! heheheh along just told me on skype that she might bring me to Sydney or maybe Doha with her. weeeeeeeeee,but i really wanna go beach for snorkeling or banana boat? with all my friends! confirm after semua dah practical tak jumpa each other lagi,sad one huh?! i promise you guys,we still keep in touch even we're gonna be very very busy time practical nnti :')

shah,faizal,ina,ain,shaz,atiqah,der you guys are the most crazy,annoying,loud,retarded best of friends i have ever had! i will always keep the happy moments in the heart,love yah :')

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