Sunday, January 30, 2011

Like birds of a feather,we stick together

meet Farra Nydia aka paling tua among us :)
Meet Nazirul Israf aka pretty boy :)
it's me :)
Danial aka MR BEAN :)
BOY aka The Manager :)

it's 2.10 am and i just got back from "everywhere" with my beloved cousins! HAD SO MUCH FUN with them! gosh miss them so much,at last we met la enn enn! minum2,snapped pictures,round 1 KL then went back,so guys.. plan where to go next! PD okay? banana boat here we comeeeeeeeeeee :D

P/S : will spent more time with you guys after this okay?
*pinky promise
cousins,set those pictures as your default pic in FB nowww! :)

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