Saturday, March 12, 2011

Let's talk and talk

PEOPLE OUT THERE,hi hi hi! actually i just got back from work abybeh! today was okay,alhamdulillah. i just love working with WEE but too bad he'll be transfer to The Loaf Pavillion.kenape tak BIG head je yang di transferkan? damn! hehe,now i dunnoe what to do,my tummy hurts so i cannot sleep.later i dunnoe where to go,wanna watch movie but malas nak siap! my mum ajak dinner tmpat best2 but i'm full so blogging je la nmpaknye while listening to WHAT A WORDS by Chris Medina! *addicted to his song! so so so,i just can't wait to meet my sisters,they'll come back and we gonna have a BIG family dinner as usual! yeay *new cloth please :) lately ni i miss my GIRLFRIENDS so much,to IKHA..HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.may you and family selamat mengerjakan umrah.To HANA,when can we meet before you go back to EGYPT? to ECAR,dont forget our SWENSEN'S day! IZZATIE i miss you so much! to NAD let's skype,everyday also can and let's GOSSIP about what theme for our wedding day? huh? hehe! so now,nak mandi nak REST puas2!that's all fpr today, thank you for reading,xoxo from me : peanut :D

P/S : almost 100 thousand people lost their homes, 4.4 million homes in Japan has no electricity, NOW NOBODY IS RICH OR POOR, LET'S ALL BE ONE AND HELP OUR FELLOW NATION, LET'S BE THE CITIZENS OF THE EARTH, Let's all put our hands together and pray for the Japanese, may God bless them and give them strength to deal with it, God bless all! AMIN

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