Thursday, March 17, 2011


As usual.balik kerja je nothing else to do so i planned to meet the girls! heeeeee
it's very difficult to meet them,specially hana who studying far far away from here! we went out for dinner at Chawan after that DESSERT at Plan B Bangsar Village. What a great night ever! gossip, laugh like theres no other people and hell yeah we act like monkeys! hahahahha bak kate hana "i ni mcm je ustazah tapi...." hahahahahha.i love them,glad to see my future Doctor and Teacher.will see them again but i dunnoe when,hopefully before you go back to Egypt yea hana? and to my blury izzati *actually both also BLUR* will send my kids to your kindergarden okay? lol.will pray for your success girls :)

p/s : thank you hana for the dinner and the gift! love it,muah :*

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