Monday, March 28, 2011

She like's apple and I like Mango

Hi.hello.what's up! heeee,almost 3 weeks tak jumpa my one and only kaka aka "BUAH keria"! habis je kerja terosssss she fetch me at home.i went to her house for dinner then?? tutti frutti with her and safil, yay! suppose to Swenson's but on that day i plak yg nak sgt makan froyo,lagi2 before mama off to Doha dia dah bagi extra pocket money ntok blanje si kaka tutti frutti! ape cer? suppose org tu yg blanje kottttt? hehehehe what a happy day la kaaa even skejap je rase still awesome! see you next week,sleepover at cyber jaya :D

p/s : Our fav flavor at tutti frutti will be apple and mango
fav toppings is Oreo and Gummi bear
so what's YOUR flavor guys?

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