Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hugs and Kisses

aween,we used to sing together in class :)
meet Dinie,bbm i je kejanye! :)
This is koja,my room mate! mandi same,tido same :)
left : NAD,my everything! Right : L,nad's friend! nice to meet yah
silly boys :p
owww i love my girlfriends so much!

hello baby boo boo gaga oolalalaaa,*okay stop it pnut! well i just reached home,damn sleepy! bawak kreta tadi pown ade jugak terhangguk hangguk,nasib slamat smpai.well kinda happy i guess :)
someone surprised me with a box of chocolate then booked ticket for me *okay la tu,ade jugak la perubahan! hahahahhahaso harini je, morning till noon i went to curve with the girls and the boys from my secondary school,awwwwwww! i miss them a lot specially koja and nad and my new friend 'L' BUT the guys mcm biase laaa,janji mai tgh hari end up smpai ptg so too bad guys i've told you that i have to go back around 4 aite? so met them for 20 minutes je except eddie,bashir and aween.woi,plan bbq korang la handle,i dah penatm lagi lagi menunggu! so thank you yawww,really had a good day today so Good Night lovelies,thank you for reading,muaaaaaaaaaah!

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