Saturday, May 7, 2011


Bonjour! hah keluar dah bahase lain,maybe my right hand tak biase dgn benda baru dok betepek kat dia nie! hehehehe.last few days i tweet about Thomas Sabo pendant yg melets2 specially Katty Perry's collection! i really really really love it,suddenly my sister reply "sebok jer" fine la cause i dapat agak dia mesti dah beli and just now i met one of her friend,SHIN who came back to Malaysia for a Holiday and she past something from along to us! something for mama,papa angah and Thomas Sabo charm bracelet for meeeeeeeeee! see,tak sia sia tweet! she bought it all the way from Frankfurt and the charm is a leaf,combination of Europe it means LUCK! so each one of us got the same charm and everywhere i go i think of all of you. Almost 2 month you did not come back,i miss you so much along! this charm bracelet really means a lot to me! I LOVE YOU SISTER

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