Thursday, May 12, 2011

it's complicated

It really hurts me now,i just wanna express this feelings here,i just wanna share it with you guys.that's all.well,a guy who i really really cared more than myself.when i close to someone that i really comfortable with i'm willing to help em even i taknak dia susah sikit pown.When he needs me,i'm with him! when he said that he's hungry tapi tak de duit,i cooked for him! well that's the hardest part,i tak boleyh langsung dgr if he told me that dia x cukup duit or lapar.if i text him then he did not reply my msg i call and asked him "why don't you reply my text?" he said "not enough credit" and yes,i go and buy him topup.On his birthday,i did surprise him,i've ordered him Manchester United cupcakes memandangkan he loves MU so much and the cupcakes as well.i bought for him shirt from his fav branded shop and we have dinner at a very nice restaurant.when i did that for him,i felt the happiness! but too bad,on my birthday i did not get anything from him.when i'm with him,i swear to GOD i tak penah mintak expensive things even pinjam his money but at least a card on my birthday,tak beli buat hand made pown should be okay with me.almost 2 years together,jarang keluar..tgok movie pown with his friends,i don't mind at all but sometimes just both of us pown sweet jugak? heeee.for me,to be with him and his friends okay je? sometimes i siap pinjamkan my car for them go to the futsal court together,kalau hujan naik motor susah plak enn so i tak kesah kreta i with em? all i need is, appreciate me! accept me for who i am! bnyakkan masa with me even keluar makan je pown,care about me! proud to have me?! the thing is,semua benda yg i nak tu pakai duit ke? sikit pown tak kan? it's just YOU that i need the most.i don't need your money or expensive things? sorry,i'm not that type of person and sorry if ape yg i nak from you is too much.i wrote all this bukan nak mengungkit but to show you how much i care.

*omg this is so embarrassing but when i express everything,i feel better! thanx for reading guys.

p/s :Walking alone is not difficult; But when we have walked a mile with someone; Then coming back alone, that is more DIFFICULT.



  1. Be strong darling :')

    I love you!

  2. this is so sad but you have your friends around you okay. you're strong and we all know that. love you lots!

  3. i love you even more zatie and thanx kaa for your support <3