Wednesday, May 11, 2011

mama's friends,my friends too!

me and kak zana
abg nizam,naughty boy! rawwwr
with my beloved uncle Badrul <3
yummy red velvet from the owner of "cookiecat"
me singing *i can't remember what's the title of the song!
with the aunt aunt

hurmmm,usually intro for new post mesti i lake of idea to write! specially for this one.hehehhe! owkay mostly my mum always said that i am her *handbag* ikot je mane2 even before sleep mesti tido ngan dia sat then biler my dad dah nak tido baru i masok blk i.last time my dad angkat but naw giler nak angkat? mawu patah pinggang! hahahahahah,when i'm still studying kat klmu pown usually after class i stay at her office then blk together so this time her reunion pown i ikot memandang SEMUA her firends mmg close dgn i even bosses pown! we're so damn close,like a BIG family.reunion i ikot,bowling tournament i pegi,open hse ke ape ke i ade jugak even if mama xde pown one of her friend will come and fetch me at home sbb nak ajak ikot jugak! so this time is 2011 reunion at Bora Ombak,wonderful night with all the uncle's ant aunt's :)

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