Monday, November 14, 2011


Good evening,i feel so fresh after mandi plus yummy dinner with papa and mama! actually i just got back from work,1st day kerja at The Loaf Bangsar Village. While waiting for my MUET exam i buat la part time job. Other reason plak my dad bising i duduk rumah without doing anything plus habiskan duit dia without rase kesusahan bekerja mencari rezeki. Fuuuuuh ayat cek! to telling the truth kerja kat sane mmg F U N and i sendiri rase comfortable maybe sebab 3 month practical dulu enn? this time bnyak youngsters so they call me KAKAK? shoot,awkward sangat but like they said "saya nak panggil akak jugak even you're shorter than me" phuiii! the best part is i dah habis kerja and diorang plak tgh break,bukan depa pi makan but dok lepak ngan i sambil makan sweet! penat,sakit kaki annnnnnd sleepy but i really enjoyed myself. This Wednesday Tun Dr Mahathir datang to his bakery for lunch rasanye,BIG event for us and i plak di sumbatkan dkt pastry kitchen to help them bake,so excited! so that's all for now la eh and WELCOME HOME bestfriend aka IZZATIE,Can't wait to hear ypur voice! LOL.

OWH YEA BTW,my babies name : PONYO female POCOYO male and i just bought em new cage! bigger so they can run here and there like nobody's care! i'm off to bed now,really need my beauty sleep!EHEHE! muaaaah,good night :)

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