Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Awesome twentynine


.Pay check has been bank in

.Meeting cousins for a citcat

.Received a belated birthday present from beloved sister

.3 month

So many wonderful events took place on 29 November.So excited since i will be receiving my first pay check form The Loaf.After work i had a date with 3 of my closest cousins at a nasi lemak stall.We happily planned some outtings and it was fun when each of us gave all kind of silly ideas for our outtings,HAHA! i really hope that all our plans will materialise.Came back home late tired but smiling.On the bed while my eyes shut mind wonders I was awaken by the ringing of my phone it's Shin on the line and I have to meet up with her to collect some stuffs she rought from my sister in Doha.It's my belated birthday present came in a box wrapped in a shocking pink papper with a beautiful birthday card sign with love from Houston,USA! Thanks along it's really thoughtful of you and i must tell you that i like it soooooooo much.Lastly Happy 3 month anniversary khairul,aisheteru <3

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