Sunday, November 6, 2011

Belated Birthday Gifts

Owh hi,hehehehheh! say hi to my new pets yang still takde nama.Actually this is my belated birthday present from beloved khairul.He told me that "you punya birthday present lewat sikit eh,dah order but tak taw biler boleh dapat" statement macam order kreta? hahahahahha! so on Hari Raya Haji the whole family sleep over at wan's house,yang muda muda mmg tak boleyh stay at home,ade je agenda so we decided to go out and and and we went to rahman putra just nak karaoke.nak kata karaoke jamban tak jugak but hell yeah,bnyak rempit plus bawu rokok melokek kat rambot den! hahahahahahha nyanyi punya nyanyi HE bbm me and ask me to drop by jap kat rumah dia to collect my belated birthday present and i pown hangkut semua cousin2 ikot sklai to teman me.Sampai je,Khairul came with a big box which is i don't expect there's a guniea pig inside! i punya la excited because i told him that i mm nak bela pets,either cats or gunie pig la kan? then i dapat jugak,2 ekor skali he gave me! sekor jantan sekor betina and guess what? the best part is yg female gemok like me and male plak golap mcm khairul,elok sgt la tu! hahahhahahaha thanks love,iloveyah and not to forget Selamat Hari Raya Haji to all Muslims :)

p/s : i bought everything for my new pets accept their BIG cage! still searching :)


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