Thursday, November 24, 2011

Miss Painful

*singing It's friday friday.hahahahhaha good morning lovelies! today is my 2nd day of staying at home,eating crackers and milo for breakfast then for lunch pulak porridge,malam plak yogurt? 2hari mcm ni seksa giler,actually my inner cheek pecah + benanah + my teeth kat blakang ni dah penoh so when i talk or eat beselisih plak ngan wound dlm mulut ni.MasyaAllah,Tuhan je tawu betapa sakitnye! Doctor said my anti body tak kuat so he gave antibiotic and ubat tahan saki je,that's it! need to see dentist after semua dah okay,kalau pegi time tgh sakit nie doctor tak boleyh buat pape so no matter what kena sembuh dulu.This is my 2nd time sbenanye but hopefully takde kena mengena la ngan teeth because the most thing yg i takot is to go dentist! Ikha,sorry if i can't join tonight on your bachelorette dinner,if i go pown ape je i boleyh makan? i'll bet there's no porridge there,hehe! izzatie & ayan je la wakil i okay! so i'll be very busy on saturday and sunday.can't wait :')

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